Here at Pamper Tantric, we focus on a tantra experience that is a more hands-on therapy and specialises in awakening dormant energies and reigniting the spark in your soul.

Tantra focuses on removing ‘blockages' which are similar to writer's block, in where you're completely stuck with what seems like, nowhere to move.

Blockages can be caused by trauma, past experiences or just everyday life slowly wearing you out, which let's be fair, happens to the best of us even on our good days.

Our body is a uniquely functioning machine, with different parts of our body completely affecting other aspects which seemingly have no real or physical link. Stress and blockages caused by it can lead to emotional instability, depression, anxiety, mental confusion, general discontent and sexual dysfunction.

Our tantric massage aims to heal all these aspects through soft and sensual massage.

All forms of massage are beneficial, and very relaxing, which is always good for your soul. So let's get into 5 benefits, specifically, from receiving a tantric massage.

Improves Overall Health

General enough, but it goes without saying tantric massage improves your general health incredibly. As we mentioned before, the body is an incredibly complicated machine. The mind and body can affect each other without being physically connected, and this connection is where tantric massage really takes an effect. The tantric massage helps ease the mind and relax the soul. Easing the mind and soothing the thoughts helps reduce your depression, anxiety and mental confusion. Sometimes, we all need a little hand.

Eradicating Blockages

As we've mentioned blockages can be caused by experience, trauma or just everyday stress. As human beings, we tend to want to reduce pain and seek out pleasure, in any capacity. This inherent longing for pleasure over pain has created a subconscious filter in our memory banks where we tend to remember good experiences over the bad.

This is because we like to reduce our pain on any level we can, but with this comes blockages, which over time can get stronger and more dominant. Blockages can be refusing to go out because the world seems too busy, a complete lack of sexual desire or no motivation to finish anything started assuming you had the motivation to start in the first place.

Tantric massage helps remove these blocks by calming other aspects of a person's nerve. For example, reducing back pain through tantric massage can help someone become more productive in there everyday lives, which in turn can help them achieve more and be more successful, which can help them provide a better life for themselves and the people around them etc As you can see many aspects of our lives are drawn together and directly affect one another whether we realise it or not, and this is why tantric massages are so beneficial.

Sexual Dysfunction

Keeping up with the theme of Dualism, and the important relationship between mind and body and how it affects our everyday performance.

Sexual Dysfunction can be caused by a number of factors, the most common causes being heart disease, clogged blood vessels or high blood pressure. However not all causes are physical, sometimes an unhappy mind can cause erectile dysfunction. A lack of desire and a noticeable absence of an erection can be caused by general everyday stress, and because of the sexual and sensual nature of the tantric massage, many peoples sexual spirit is reawakened thanks to it. The message can help open up blood vessels and improve blood flow, which in turn helps eradicate erectile dysfunction.

Increased Orgasm Potential

Sexual energy is an energy we all possess. Some peoples energy is bright and active and other people's is slowly dimming. Our sexual energy is mostly, concentrated in the appropriate genital area. However this energy, through the practice of tantric massage can be spread around the body, distributing the sexual energy to every aspect of the body and soul.

This upwards dispenses with energy around the body can result in longer orgasms, multiple orgasms and longer sexual encounters for you both to enjoy. Having a healthy and active sex life can result in a way more positive mentality. See how everything is linked?

Improved Relationships

A happy mind, an active sex life and a physically healthier body means you can improve your relationships with people as well as your lover. When we remove mental confusion, have a bit more stability and a healthier more focused mind and body, it's easier for us to look after the people in our lives. Little things like making time to see someone or texting them to see how they are can seem like a difficult chore when we ourselves are not settled.

Tantric massage helps you settle into your self a little more, become more relaxed and appreciative of your situation and open you up more to other people, with more confidence and focus you now make sure your friends are still your friend, and your lover is still your lover.

So there we have it, 5 benefits of tantric massage. Many of us believe if we're not going to the gym or seeing some sort of drastic physical change, then we're not looking after ourselves. However this isn't the case, our mind and soul needs to be exercised and taken care of too.

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