Couples & Tantra

Here at Pamper Tantric we believe an erotic massage is one of the most intimate forms of massage. It requires you and your masseuse both to be completely nude and even for massages, is one of the most hands-on forms. The massage relieves stress and pain of everyday life but mainly focuses on waking dormant energies rather than relief.

Tantric massage is about stroking sexual desires and awakening confidence, you could even say the tantric massage, although performed on the body is a massage of the mind, soul and spirit.

Now that you've been interested since we said the masseuse would be naked, let's talk about how tantric massage can help you and your partner. Tantric massages are perfect for reigniting a lost spark or simply adding more flavour to you're already spicy recipe.

So let's get into 5 reasons why couples should try a tantric massage. It is possible for couples to get a tantric massage together and enjoy the experience, or you could perform tantric massages on each other and see what energies you can awaken in both yourself and partner.

So in no particular order let's start with our first reason:

Helps To Improve The Intimacy Of Relationships

When people first get together the world seems full of new bright colours and flavours but over time, routine sets in, people settle down, the colours become dull and the taste buds start responding less. You may find things you enjoyed you no longer bother with, the time and energy you put into the relationship before just doesn't exist and it's hard for you both to admit, the spark is fading.

A tantric massage can fix this by taking new found time to appreciate your partner's body can awaken an arousal you may have lost. The adventure of tantric will also improve the state of your relationship as it's a new experience for you both that you've shared. Remember when you first got together and would introduce each other to new activities you enjoy. Over time this will slow down once you both share pretty much all your passions. Tantric gives you both a new obsession to work into your daily lives and help feel like the early days of your relationship all over again.

The Different Forms Of Pleasure

One of the more fun aspects of being in an active relationship, especially at the beginning is the experimenting you explore with each other. Be it sexually, overcooking or just with the music you listen too or events you take part in. Again over time, this experimenting will slow down as you find your pace in the relationship and settle a bit more. But why? The experimenting doesn't need to stop, and with a tantric massage, it's just beginning.

Have fun with your partner as tantric massage is performed using various oils, lotions and fragrances to achieve a heightened sense of relaxation but it doesn't have to stop there. You can massage your partner with pretty much anything you want adding even more heat to your massage. This activity you perform together is incredibly intimate and personal and sharing a mutual experience with that much intimacy will spark your desire in the bedroom again.

Psychological Connection

Like we said, the tantric massage is incredibly personal and intimate and with your partner, you can experiment in any way you want that's unique to your personal relationship. This creates an aura of 'secrecy' that only you and your partner are privy too and this type of connection can bring you closer mentally as well as physically and help increase your communication skills not just during the massage or intimate love making moments, but in everyday life too.

When you feel closer to your partner on a mental level you work harder physically to keep them pleased, and this can be re-achieved through tantric massaging. You can even use the massage as a time to communicate as you know you will both be relaxed and anything you feel is important to speak about, can be spoken in a relaxed, loving setting to help you and your partner communicate easier and makes your relationship enjoyable for you both.

Explore Eachother's Body

As we get older, the universe forces a dawning realisation on us. That we aren't as young and fit as we remember, our bodies are slowing down and all of a sudden there are aches and pains in places you didn't know you even had any muscle. It's important to know your body as it helps you understand your limits, what you're capable of, your pain threshold and generally how to operate and live. If you're running out of breath quicker than ever before, you may be smoking too much or not moving around enough.

Tantric massage will help you get to know your body as you have no choice but to pay attention to every part of it. The same is for your partner, pay attention to their body and caress every part of it during the tantric massage and you may find yourself discovering things you love that you didn't have time to appreciate before. Tantric massage will also help you learn what you enjoy. For example, maybe you never realised how cute your partners' feet actually are and you have a new found appreciation for them. This can awaken a sexual energy or just a new found appreciation and love for your partner's body.

Love Through Tantra

Now that you a new found love for your partners' physique, tantric massage can also help you in the next step. So you've realised for the 50th time your partner is gorgeous. You think to yourself why you ever began ignoring your partner in the first place but fear you won't be able to appreciate your partner long enough for them to appreciate you. Well, fear not, like we said tantric massage helps you to get to know your body.

The fact you focus on individual body parts and engage in distributing your energy around your body will help you mentally to not just focus on the sexual aspects of your body feeling pleasure. Tantric massage will help you feel that same energy all over so you feel electric no matter where you're kissed. This type of distributed focus will help you last longer during lovemaking and please your partner further, and a healthy sexual relationship is a healthy relationship.

So there we have it, if you weren't convinced you and your partner should try a tantric massage, either with masseuses or on each other, then hopefully our five reasons have helped ease your decision along to receive one and remember, have fun!

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