Tantric massages as we've said before, are one of the most erotic and sensual forms of giving a massage and today we're going to run-throughs short list of things you should maybe consider when preparing for your tantric massage whether you are receiving one from a professional or maybe you and your partner decided to have a cheeky go of it yourselves.

Tantric massaging isn't like when you were at school and your friend would say ' punch my back right here quickly please' or like when your hairdresser massages your head but it's really just a shampoo wash, no, the tantric massage is far more intimate and concentrated.

Tantric massage is a lot more time consuming than just sitting for a 10-minute rub down, so make sure you leave plenty of time to spare and it's probably worth leaving an entire evening or afternoon free so you don't feel like you need to rush through your massage or rush your masseuse.

Also, unlike the punching massages you gave and received with your friends at school, having a tantric massage dry is a terrible idea, so make sure to choose from a range of oils and fragrances to help improve the quality of the experience and to leave your body feeling relaxed and smelling lovely.

Like we said, tantric massage is a time-consuming affair as it operates under almost streamline focus on every body part which does include your feet, toes, fingers, ears, neck and genitalia so try to refrain from panicking if you didn't know your masseuse was going to go 'there'. During tantric, it's expected that every body part is focused on and nothing is left without massage so be open to this idea before even receiving a tantric massage.

This one may seem a bit obvious but remember, as the receiver of the massage, it's important you breathe. Tantric massage is sometimes quite intense as it can focus on your pressure points so remember throughout the entire massage to keep breathing.

Also with the nature of tantric massage being so sensual and erotic, you may read a lot about the focus on 'orgasms' or how the tantric massage can benefit your orgasms but despite this being true, you should feel no pressure at all to achieve orgasm as it's not the aim or goal of Tantra. Tantra is about relaxing and discovering your body's energies and the benefits that come with that, although a beneficial bonus, are not the purpose of the massage.

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