Tantric massage is about exploring our potential and releasing any negative energies for positivity. The Tantra experience available here at Pamper Tantric specifically engages with your energies to awaken any dormant sexual energies and open up yourself completely physically, mentally and spiritually.

The body needs physical therapy and massaging is the best way to do that. It helps relax the muscles and body and increase the blood flow and oxygen helping you to feel more relaxed. Tantric massages, however, take it a step further from relaxation to euphoria massaging everything from your skin to your soul.

If you've never had a tantric massage then you need to stop reading immediately and book one. We'll wait….

Ok, so now that you've booked your massage, you're probably wondering what you've just signed up for. So let us explain a little bit about what to expect from a tantric massage.

Aroma Coma

Before we get into the massage, let's talk about the environment a little bit. The massages are conducted in incredibly comfortable and very private rooms draped in the most beautiful aromas. Aromatherapy is the first wave of relaxation to infiltrate your senses.

A number of oils are available to choose from to set the mood exactly how you want so the only smells you sense, are the ones you've chosen. Our masseuses have a wide range of oils and smells to choose from.

Assume The Position

Tantric massage is evidently a contact activity and requires a gorgeous masseuse to relax you as your energies collide. Usually, the masseuse will start with your back. You will lie face down and feel her soft hands sensually ease you into the experience.

Your masseuse will then apply oils. You can choose specifically which oils you want applying to your skin and which you don't. If you're not sure or you're not too bothered about which oils are applied let our experienced masseuses choose. Keep in mind if you are allergic to any oils or any specific aromas cause your skin to become irritated, please inform your masseuse of this prior to beginning.

Deep Tissue Massage

The tantric massage is about relieving stress and worries you may have about any issues. The point of the massage is to open your senses and have your soul feel as relaxed as your body and this is why the massage specifically focuses so much on manipulating your energies such as sexual or spiritual. It's very different to deep tissue massage as that's all about muscle to muscle contact and is more about relieving physical muscle pain.

The tantric experience, however, is more than just hands. It's a body to body massage with your masseuse using her body pressed against yours to release your sexual and spiritual energies. It's important you remain as still and relaxed as possible and remember the masseuse is there to serve your body and your spiritual energies.

The essence of the massage is elevated when you completely submit. If you've never had a massage like this it's easy to quickly feel uncomfortable, but it's essential you relax submit and feel the spirit of the massage. It will benefit both you and your masseuse.

Happy Ending

From here your masseuse will ask you to turn over where you can see your goddess massage the front of your body with her hands and body and by this point you should be more than relaxed.

Our masseuses are trained to know your pressure points and will begin applying pressure to various pressure points all over the body to stimulate them and help release your energies and blood flow and open you up more. Although reaching a climactic orgasm isn't always the end goal of a tantric massage it is definitely a healthy way to end one and leave you feeling completely loose.

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