Tantric massage is one of the most exciting massages you can get. Let's be honest here, a beautiful woman ready to spoil you, relax you and make you feel as comfortable as possible with wonderful natural oils and fragrances. If that doesn't sound like a slice of heaven then, well, you need a tantric massage.

If you've never experienced this before or are considering getting one there are a few tips we could share with you. Bare in mind these are not rules by any means for you to follow religiously but to make sure the entire experience is positive for both you and your masseuse it is helpful to do some of these things.

Important Don'ts

In the past, we've talked about different ways to prepare for your massage but today we're going to talk about things you shouldn't necessarily do during your Pamper Tantric massage. This is just a short-list of helpful tips on how not to be an obnoxious client. Massueses are wonderfully polite people and may even put up with your shenanigans but it helps to play your part.

Of course, we're not here to lecture or intimidate you out of a beautiful tantra experience, we're simply giving tips on how you can make it more enjoyable.

Let The Masseuse Take Care Of You

So to start with, like we said masseuses aren't just beautiful they're incredibly polite and part of the experience is for her to spoil you so it's imperative you don't touch your masseuse. Even if she is the most beautiful woman you've ever seen just try to relax and refrain from touching the glass. The experience is for you to enjoy and for her to spoil you so just lie down and let your gorgeous masseuse take care of you.

As well as not touching her, you have to be able to trust that she knows what she's doing. She is a professional after all, you're not her first client and like we said, just smile, relax and enjoy the massage as much as possible.

Giving directions, telling her what to do and what not to do is not only rude on your part but it's also quite patronising as it can seem like you think you know better than a trained professional. Don't be this obnoxious, let her do what she knows and you'll enjoy yourself a lot more.

Don't Ruin The Mood

It's important to remember where you are, this isn't exactly a social event so don't ask for food or drinks during the massage. She also isn't your waitress, she is there to provide a very specific service and it works better for her if you're still. If you are eating and drinking not only will the smells of your food interrupt the atmospheric ambience but you can also be bothering your masseuse with the smells and constant moving around.

On the topic of smells also try to avoid wearing strong perfumes or after-shaves. The point of the atmosphere built in tantra is to be relaxing and natural. Your masseuse will burn incense or essential oils in the room and will also rub oils onto your body with strong natural fragrances like jasmine and rose so it's best to avoid showering your body with any over-powering smells.

Also because the oils used are made of very natural ingredients it's best to avoid after-shaves and perfumes as they may react badly with the oils on your skin so keep your hygiene up and try to stay as natural as possible before the massage.

Always Be Polite

Be polite to your masseuse and tactful of her job and her position. The best clients are those who relax and just enjoy the massage. Don't be rude to your masseuse, or direct her on what to do, or be over-boringly chatty and if you do like talking a lot make her aware of this before you begin and try to take some interest in topics she enjoys so the experience will be enjoyable for you, don't just talk at your masseuse through the duration of the entire massage. The tantra experience really relies on a mutual respect and understanding of each others roles within this wonderful experience.

So to conclude, make sure your body is washed and clean, free of fragrances, talk to her with respect, be polite, be still and relax during your massage and trust that you are in the very beautiful hands of a trained professional and most of all, enjoy yourself!

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